Monday, December 6, 2010

Warriors ….come out and play.

By The Kiwi

Last night (Sunday) on the TV I saw the first in a great looking series by the BBC. ‘Warriors’ which was shown on SBS at 9.30. ‘Attilla the Hun’ was the warrior featured last night in a far different approach to most documentaries screened. This series sees the story of each warrior told more like a movie than a doco. Inspiring stuff for any gamer that digs history. Due to the violence it was rated as MA 15+. The fact is that the subject matter in this series are historical figures of warfare so it is a good thing that it hasn’t been watered down too much for the audience. SBS advertised that the series is available as a DVD collection so it might end up in my collection at some stage.
The series also has....Spartacus, Napolean, Cortes, Richard the Lionheart, and Ghenghis Khan. 


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